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Basic operations include how to adjust brightness level, brightness percentage, and energy efficiency rating for your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini on Microsoft Windows.





Brightness Percentage Slider


The slider on the left side allows you to adjust your screen brightness and/or monitor brightness from the lowest 0% to the highest 100%. As you move the knob upper and upper, the brightness value increases in percentage.


Brightness Level Gauge


The gauge, which displays the actual brightness level of your monitor or screen, is on the right side of the Brightness Percentage Slider. The minimum and maximum value are given as the lowest and highest scales. You can click on any scale value on the gauge to adjust your screen brightness and/or monitor brightness.


Energy Efficiency Rating


The indicator on the right side shows the energy efficiency ratings. The brighter your screen, the worse energy efficiency rating. You can only change the rating by changing either the Brightness Percentage Slider or the Brightness Level Gauge.



NOTE: Mac Pro and Mac Mini require external display devices, such as a digital monitor or a digital screen. Therefore, Mac Brightness Control might not work properly with certain types of external display devices. In this case the software would report Not supported.