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When you minimize or close Mac Brightness Control, you will notice that it shrinks to an icon on your system tray (bottom-right corner of your screen).




You can move your mouse, click the tray icon, and get a pop-up menu like,




Some advanced features are hidden in this menu.


Show Window


When the main UI window minimizes or disappears, you can revoke the UI at any time.




Restore Brightness


When your the monitor/screen of your Mac gets dimmer after a specific period time, and you need to restore the brightness level to its previous value, you can simply click Restore Brightness. Once the brightness level is restored, Mac Brightness Control restarts the timer to count the elapsed minutes to reduce the screen/monitor brightness.



Min Brightness


Set the brightness level of your monitor/screen to the lowest.



Max Brightness


Set the brightness level of your monitor/screen to the highest.


Turn Off Monitor


Turn your monitor into the Sleep state to save energy. Your running applications, unsaved works, background tasks would not be affected.





Shut down Mac Brightness Control. Your unsaved settings not belong to any profile would be recorded and the icon and name of your last chosen profile would also be saved.


NOTE: Mac Brightness Control will include Mac Brightness Widget and Mac Brightness Toolbar for Windows in addition to the current system tray icon in future releases.