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This topic helps you to familiarize yourself with the UI (user interface) of Mac Brightness Control on Microsoft Windows,




On the left side of the UI, you have a slider. The slider allows you to adjust your monitor brightness (screen brightness) from the lowest 0% to the highest 100%. As you drag the knob, the brightness value changes. On the right side of the UI, you have an indicator that shows the energy efficiency ratings. The brighter your screen, the worse energy efficiency rating. In the middle, you have a gauge, which displays the actual brightness level of your monitor. The minimum and maximum value are given as the lowest and highest scales. You can click on any scale value on the gauge to adjust your screen brightness and/or monitor brightness.


You can create a profile to keep your brightness settings including brightness level, whether to set brightness on your system startup, whether to reduce brightness when your Windows system runs into the idle state. Profile can be one or many, and it depends on your practical needs. A profile can be either saved or applied (take effect immediately).